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Florida Cash Assistance Programs

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If you live in Florida, here are some places to check for assistance.

Food Stamps

Temporary Cash Assistance


Medical Assistance for Pregnant Women

Prescreening to See If You Might Qualify for Benefits.

Prescreening to See If You Might Qualify for Benefits.

More Application Information

Apply On-line Now

You may also print an application and mail or fax it to a service center near you.
See the link above for a list of addresses.
Click one of the these to print an application form.
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keepingthefaithinfl   in reply to ANA. v
Sorry you are not getting unemployment :( I am praying for you. I know the hard road, and the losses associated with losing work and the downward spiral. My husband lost his job in June, and is now just starting work, and that is going slower than we thought for his hours to get to full time. Here is another list of resources I got on the web, I am not sure if any are different than the other site but here they are for rental assistance. I know it is disheartening to call place after place and get turned down, told they have no funding or help this month. DO NOT GIVE UP. Keep praying, keep calling. When they say no, ask them if they know of another group in WPB that can help you. Call churches, and ask for help. (all denominations) Best of luck to you Ana. I am going to post another list with other resources for you.

Palm Beach rent assistance.

If you need help with paying your rent in Palm Beach Florida, find programs and resources that offer money that may be used for rental assistance. A large number of organizations, churches and agencies can provide emergency rent help to the low income, elderly, disabled, and unemployed in the greater Palm Beach County Florida area.

In addition to the rent programs, get information on shelters and so called temporary or transitional housing. Some of these resources have stricter criteria, such as they may be focused on women, single parents or families with children, but there may be other options for residents who need help.

The West Palm Beach and the entire greater county in Florida has been hit hard by the weak economy, and the various non-profits, charities, and government programs provide extensive rental assistance, eviction prevention, and help for other housing expenses.

Palm Beach County Human Services – Multiple locations and offices are around the county. After a comprehensive assessment is provided to applicants, you may qualify for one of their options, including Self-Sufficiency Services, Emergency Services, or Intervention. Examples of services provided include rent and other aid.

Belle Glade, Florida, phone (561) 996-1630.
Delray Beach, FL – 33444 (561) 274-3130
Riviera Beach, Florida – 33404 (561) 845-4644

Urban League Emergency Food & Shelter Program – If you are faced with eviction, this non-profit may offer emergency financial assistance for those expenses and other needs. (561) 833-1461

Assistance Community Caring Center of Boynton Beach, Florida (telephone (561) 364-9501) can offer shelter for up to 2 days, $450 maximum for rental assistance, food, medication, and other resources.

Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service – Regardless of religion and background, the center can offer a wide variety of other services for emergency, housing and health related issues, including direct financial assistance for rent. (561) 852-3333

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church – Minimal funds for paying bills and housing expenses. Boca Raton, FL – 33432. (561) 392-0007

Palm Beach County Housing Authority - Provides low income housing and rental assistance to low and moderate income families who reside in West Palm Beach, Florida. (561) 684-2160. The center also runs the section 8 voucher program for the region.

Additional Palm Beach County rent assistance

The following non-profits can assist with housing expenses, rent, and/or bills. Access shelter placement, free food, permanent housing placement assistance, first month’s rent, security deposits, utility payments, information and advocacy and referral.

Catholic Charities (561) 842-2406
Adopt-a-family (Rent/Mortgage and Utilities) (561) 434-4960
Project Up Life (561) 842-4338
St Vincent De Paul Society (reside in church boundaries)
Riviera Bch – office & store: 845-0562…W Palm Beach – office & store (561) 844-8893
Palm Bch Gardens/Military – St Ignatius Outreach (561) 627-7478
North Palm Beach – St Paul the Cross (561) 696-1873
Tequesta – St Jude (561) 743-6127
SE WPB – Southern Blvd/Dixie Hwy – St Juliana (561) 833-9745
Lantana – Holy Spirit (East f I95) Wed & Fri 11:00-1:00pm (561) 585-9242
East Lake Worth – Sacred Heart 561) 845-0562
West Lake Worth: St Luke (561) 845-0562
Farmworkers Coordinating Council – Lake Worth (561) 533-7227
Hispanic Human Resources Council - West Palm Beach (561) 641-7400
Urban League – West Palm Beach (561) 833-1461
Community Action – Lake Worth 588-3838 with second location at Riviera Beach (561) 845-4670
Salvation Army – West Palm Beach 686-3530, another office is at Lake Worth (561) 582-6686
Human Services – Riviera Beach (561) 848-4644
Children & Family Services (HRS) WPB 616-1500/LW 963-3000/Riviera Bch 841-2000
Jewish Family & Children Services - West Palm Beach (561) 684-1991
West Palm Beach TAC (561) 355-4792
Homeless prevention: 881-0226
Safe Harbor West Palm Beach (ages 10-17) 833-2400 or 80-433-0010
Housing West Palm Beach (561) 684-2160
Housing Rivera Beach (561) 845-7450
Gratitude House (Addict & pregnant 18yrs and older) (561) 833-6826
CARP (Addict & Pregnant 18yrs and older) (561) 844-6400
AVDA (Delray Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse) (561) 265-2900
Rock Garden (Riviera Beach)
Susan B Anthony Recovery Center (954) 733-6068

Families First Of Palm Beach County – They are a local federal government FEMA provider for rent/mortgage assistance and other housing vouchers. Programs are comprehensive in nature. West Palm Beach, Florida, (561) 721-2802

Coalition For Independent Living Options, Inc. – Can only help people with disabilities and only if they have an eviction notice. Belle Glade, FL – 33430, dial (561) 966-4288

Boca Helping Hands – The unemployed and homeless can get assistance from this non-profit, which is funded by local community resources to assist those in need. Limited rental assistance may be offered. Boca Raton, FL – 33432, (561) 471-0913
Emergency shelters in Palm Beach

Short-term shelter can be provided by these locations for free or for a small fee:

Adopt-a-family, Homeless housing – Lake Worth (561) 589-3737 Riviera Bch 845-7771
Project SAFE – provides rent assistance to homeless families/Also is able to provide day care, counseling, parenting classes, and in-home visits (561) 845-7771
Project SAFE II (561) 588-3737
Covenant House Florida, Inc. Ft Lauderdale 1-800-683-9119 or (954) 561-5559
Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing (561) 616-1500
Women Service Network, Inc. Emergency Services (561) 881-0226

Salvation Army – After verifying need, can offer housing counseling and referral service and also emergency assistance for such bills as rent. A number of social services and government programs are administered too. They also run the Emergency Food & Shelter Program.

Lake Worth Salvation Army - (561) 968-8189
Boca Raton Salvation Army - (561) 391-1344

Center for Family Services Palm Beach County – Families with children may qualify for assistance, including shelter, rent, and case management services. Learn about other local Palm Beach area resources too. Wellington, Florida. (561) 616-1222

Catholic Charities of Palm Beach County, which is located in Belle Glade, (dial (561) 996-0485) may be able to provide social welfare assistance to those families and individuals in crisis. Get access to limited financial assistance for paying rent, and this is just an example of what is offered.

Under One Roof Ministries, Inc. – Facilitates affordable low income housing in the community. Tequesta, Florida.
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ANA. v   in reply to keepingthefaithinfl
No, no Unemployment. I checked out the link you gave seems to have potential I'm in zip 33401
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ANA. v   in reply to missjanie
I can not imagine where I would be if I did not have my faith, your prayers mean a lot Thank you.
Talk to ANA. v
keepingthefaithinfl   in reply to ANA. v
Ana try looking on here - I am in Broward, if you 1 to 1 me your zip code or city I can try and see what I can find out for you. You should be able to get electric assistance, and rent assistance. are you getting unemployment? unfortunately I don't know anywhere that helps with car payments, or insurance. Have you signed up for foodstamps, and cash assistance? (not that you would get a lot, but anything helps out)
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missjanie   in reply to ANA. v
I wish I could help you but I'm unable to, but I will pray for you. God Bless
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ANA. v   in reply to missjanie
Hi Miss Janie,
Yes, I have an appointment with only one of those agencies, The rest only helped Seniors," Families", or disabled. It is very frustrating I just need a little help
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missjanie   in reply to ANA. v
Hi GI to put in your city and state there are alot of agencies that will help you with things even if you have no children
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ANA. v
I am a Single Female I loss my job I have no children. I am looking for work everyday all day. Rent, Utilities, Car payment is coming due and I have almost run out of money. There is not much if any assistance for women W/o children. Can someone Help me I'm in Wpb,FL.
Talk to ANA. v
Hello, I'm a young working woman no kids, don't make much need a place to live and be able to maintain the basics so far no luck. I'm at my wits end don't know about any resources that will help me pay my bills including gas so I can get to work and live a normal human life in Gainesville without worrying about becoming homeless again.
Can anyone help??
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I am a father of 3 children,ages 9,11 and, 17. i was laid off from my job 6 months ago. my wife is currently working at Mcdonalds. I have been steadily and diligently seeking employment and have been unable to find anything at all. Our rent is about 4000 dollars overdue. Our water has been shut off twice. Our electric also. My wife doesnt make enough money to pay our bills by herself, We have no friends or family that we can turn to for help. We have tried every state agency available to us and none of them will help either. It is unfair to see other people getting help who dont really deserve it, ie. the drug dealers all over my neighborhood. They all recieve state assistance and it is just wrong. We are a hard working family all we want is to be happy and we cannot seem to catch a break.If anyone knows of any place out there who could help us please tell me........
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 in response to Genisis...   Genisis's, read your message. I see, Starshine was assisting YOU. Starshine, is one of our BEST family member's here, that has helped so many. I am not sure when you posted? but hope things are better for YOU NOW?!! just to say, we're a BIG family and still growing. We invite you to be a part of our family. We welcome you with open arms to comfort YOU. We hope you have found help here. Just know, we ALL are having simular issues. So NEVER feel alone. May you find comfort here as well as help. Hope we see you here more often. Take care, Sandra35
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Hello, my name is Deshawn Browdy, I am a client of the FINOAH organization. After i applied for you all and paid my enrollment fee, I have yet to hear from anyone! I would like some answers, you can contact me at 407-406-7174.
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 in response to mel w....   Hello
You can try and has a free section too.

Good luck
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 in response to mel w....   Have you tried the FINOAH organization? Check them out at WWW.FINOAH.ORG or call them for information at 1888-541-6604.- they helped me!
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mel w.
I just moved to flordia from ohio and lost all my furniture to bed bugs and rouches.. i just got a new apartment but can not afford to buy any funiture for me and my son.. i was hoping someone can point me in the right direction to any programs that would help me out with that.. if you know of any in the titusville area please contact me.. thank you mel
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